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We are an organization that, with the help of our members, is trying to bring people together in Kew Gardens. We support cultural, educational and social community activities and any type of community-building initiative.


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Kew Gardens Streets: Where Art & Poetry Meet


Artists are Readers. Artists respond to poetry and plays, lyrics and novels. The words that fill our environment often move us to create. Or we look at our work and realize we are in sync with the ideas, feelings, hopes, regrets, and  aspirations of writers a world away --- or right next door!


Kew Gardens Artists are a diverse group in so many ways; some are professional artists and art educators, others follow a lifelong avocation of painting and photography, and some respond to the title “Artist” with “Nope! Not ME!” ALL have risen to the challenge of finding words that in some way have a synergy with their art works that tap into the mysterious alchemy of Images and Words.  


So—we encourage you to look, read and take out that cell phone—cue onto the QR codes and look and listen and maybe even sing along! Above all enjoy and return to look at a favorite piece or one that you maybe didn't get the first time . 

Art reveals itself—sometimes in a moment, sometimes only after an “ah ha” moment . Perhaps a line of poetry or a snippet of a song will take you to that place!  Enjoy! 

 Carol Lacks and Tony Mavilia

 Project Coordinators



This event is sponsored by a NYC Council Grant awarded by Council Member Karen Koslowitz to the Kew Gardens Council for Recreation and the Arts, Inc. 




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