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If you love Kew Gardens you are invited to contribute to an upcoming Anthology entitled

Kew Gardens: Then & Now

This Anthology will be a compendium of essays written by residents that tell  the story of Kew Gardens past and present 



If you are an adult and have lived or worked in Kew Gardens for 20 YEARS OR MORE,

write about Kew Gardens THEN


If you are an adult or youth (9 to 17 years) and have lived or worked in Kew Gardens

LESS THAN 20 YEARS, write about Kew Gardens NOW



What was it like to live in Kew Gardens 20 plus years ago?

What is it like to live in Kew Gardens now?

What are the places, landmarks and things of interest that make Kew Gardens unique?

Who are the people that add life and character to the neighborhood?

What are some of the challenges, events that unite us?

How has Kew Gardens changed, remained the same?

What makes Kew Gardens your chosen place to live?

Describe your own special Kew Gardens story



Please use 12-point font Times New Roman or Arial

Word count no larger than 350 words. 


TO SUBMIT: Deadline is Tuesday, October 1, 2019.



 Your entry must be original and unpublished. Any piece posted online, other than a personal blog, is considered published. 

Note: All essays will be reviewed without a name, to ensure an unbiased committee review.



WAIVER: Because of the wide range of material to be received, we reserve the right to publish, edit or reject.




This project is made possible by a grant from the Citizens Committee for New York City 

awarded to the Kew Gardens Improvement Association, Inc.

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