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Please Share Your "Coping in Kew Gardens" Story! Writing your story down may be another strategy to release stress and cope with this enormous event. Kew Gardens has been, and continues to be a close, resilient, caring community. Perhaps by sharing and coming together through a collective writing experience, we can give hope and help to each other during this extraordinary time. We welcome hearing from you. Thank you.


Have you or people you know, found ways to build hope and brighten spirits? Has this experience given insight and appreciation to all we have?  How has a neighbor or friend helped to comfort you? Do you know any health care professionals on the front line?  Have you found ways to fight stress, fear and boredom with your children? What have you learned, discovered about cooking at home, doing arts and crafts as a family, etc.? How are you experiencing "social distancing"?


Please submit your Kew Gardens Pandemic story to our website. 

Although we are aiming for August 31, 2020 to finish the book, we are looking for a stream of stories NOW that we can post and send to Citizens Committee for NYC and that we can share with the Kew Gardens community. It is comforting to hear how Kew Gardens is Coping With the Pandemic. Let's share our stories with each other!



Please use 12-point font Times New Roman or Arial
Word count: up to 1200 words



Submission Date by June 15, 2020




Your entry must be original and unpublished. Any piece posted online, other than a personal blog, is considered published. 


Note: All stories will be reviewed without a name, to ensure an unbiased committee review.



WAIVER: Because of the wide range of material to be received, we reserve the right to publish, edit or reject.




This project is made possible by a grant from the Citizens Committee for New York City 

awarded to the Kew Gardens Improvement Association, Inc.



Also If you would rather write about the original theme 

KEW GARDENS: Then & Now, we would love to hear those stories also! 


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